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Chai Junction – What and Where is it?

Chai Junction is a tea house based in Bahria Town phase 4 , Islamabad. The place was created mainly to encourage quality on a budget. Quality food with good environment at low pricing is rare in Pakistan.

This place was an idea of two young passionate professionals. They wanted to break this taboo of “quality comes with price”. Making a decent living out of their passion, “food” was another goal.

The tea house started with mere outdoor seating. Beautifully decorated with string lights and good chairs. But recently, they have introduced indoor seating as well.

Chai Junction is a casual spot for youngsters. A place where they can enjoy their time without being unjust to their pocket. Its a good place for elders as well. They can enjoy with their families without breaking their banks. Good environment and quality food is guaranteed. Along with an unforgettable sip of their signature Matka Chai.

Our Review on Chai Junction

This place is a really good addition to Bahria Town Phase 4, Rawalpindi. It existed there for quite some time now. But, we never stopped by before. This weekend while going back to home after work, we decided to make a small stop. The purpose was just to sip their Matka Tea as we were so tired and pretty much done for the day.

The place has a really good outdoor as well as indoor seating. But, we decided to sit outside as the weather favored us. Outdoor seating is actually a really good idea to chat with your friends while waiting for your tea.

Their menu did not limit to tea and random snacks. It actually had a lot of variety. Their menu was divided into sections. First section is appetizers, where you can find soups, pakoras, chicken strips etc. Then there were other sections including, shawarma, sandwiches, parathas, burgers, pizzas, wings, desserts and even chillers. So if you are not a tea person, this place still offers something for you.

Chai Junction Food & Prices Review

It can be defined as, you come for tea and end up having a full meal. As mentioned earlier, we stopped by to have tea. But, looking at their menu we ended up filling our plates. We ordered dood patti chai for 3 persons. 3 matka chai as well. They insisted us to try out their cheesy mirchen and we ordered the cheesy mirchen as an appetizer. Then we added the most common companion of tea in Pakistan, aloo samosa. We ordered 4 Aloo samosas and a pizza. We heard from someone that their pizzas are really good. We did not believe it at first but, we thought may be we should taste it before passing a judgement. So let us discuss their items individually.

Cheesy Mirchen

We ordered their special “Cheesy mirchen” which got served in 10 minutes. They came in a tray with mayo. The cheesy mirchen had a crispy coated chilli with chicken and cheese filling. For 160 rupees, it was an amazing snack to enjoy with tea. We loved this unique combination of mozzarella cheese with chilies. We have never had anything like that before. The taste surely surprised us in a good way. So we rate this item 9/10.

Matka Chai and Dood Patti

The matka chai was definitely something we craved for. The traditional chai served in matti pots. The taste of smoke in their rich tea was outstanding. It was wonderfully composed, we loved it. Dood patti was about 170 each serving but, brilliant in taste. Thick milky tea served in their custom Chai Junction mugs. We rate the matka chai 10/10 and dood patti 9/10.

Chai Junction Pizza

Surprisingly, we loved the pizza as well! The crust of the pizza was unbelievably good for just 320 rupees. Topping however, could have been better. But again, we cant expect much from a pizza that costs just 320 rupees. It was an awesome snack and affordable snack. I would not prefer it with tea but, it totally depends upon your taste. It can be an option for those who do not want to have tea or anything desi. So, you have italian right in front of you. We rate this item 8/10.

Aloo Samosas

These samosas were only for 20 rupees each. Nicely filled samosas. A little too spicy for me but, definitely well- made. They were served fresh and hot. The oil was dried and did not stick to our fingers at all. So its a thumbs up from us. We rate this item, 7/10.

Total Bill and Final Remarks

WOW! We had such a lovely experience for just 1520 rupees. This is such a good deal for the amount of thing we tried. We definitely recommend you to visit along with your friends and family to a have a better or similar experience. They offer home delivery as well. So, you can enjoy their food at home too.

Check out their Facebook Page for more updates.

Chai Junction Menu and Deals

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Outdoor seating
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