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The Smokey Cauldron is a Harry Potter themed cafe-cum-restaurant with an interior designed for potter-heads located in F-6 Islamabad, Pakistan. Read Review Monkey’s extensive Review on this theme restaurant.

I saw one of my friends posting pictures of herself wearing that hat, holding cloaks glasses and wands under a dim magical lightening and I couldn’t stop myself but asked, what place it was? The Smokey Cauldron, she replied. And since then I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule and pay a call on this harry-potter themed place and to see what it actually looks like.

The Smokey Cauldron was previously called as the Hogwarts Café, on Thursday evening, I decided to check it out. The outlook of this place is so pretty with snow on the sharp towers and big pointed windows, dim warm lights and red bright glowing text giving you that magical vibe already, should I, or shouldn’t I say it looks like a baby,  tiny piece of Harry potter world from Universal studios.

As you enter there are many more magical surprises awaiting like Harry’s trolley in front of the barrier leading to Platform 9 and ¾, sticky notes thanking the management and staff grace the glass doors in the front, with a large Hogwarts logo on it. From tables with typos, walls with the Houses’ (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) flags, the three scoring hoops for Quidditch, to Hedwig’s Cage and large posters of the Chosen One himself, you’ll find it all. And that was just the beginning. As soon as you open the doors, you’ll find, literally, ALL SORTS of magical stuff.

You will see 4 boards with the menu and charges written on it, a display for desserts and props. All the books and figurines, as well as sketches are displayed on wooden stands making it more scenic. you will be able to see many signs and typos and sayings and quotes from the books and movies all around the place. Props from the House Robes/Cloaks, to wizarding hats, to The Elder Wand, to Harry’s Glasses and a homemade version of his Firebolt…that and so much more, it’s all there, waiting to be tried out.

What’s amazing is they not only allow photography but promote it as soon as you come in. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, making one feel right inside the Gryffindor Common Room. The menu has legitimate delish stuff, from Dragon’s eyeballs, to burgers like the Dark Arts burger, and Dobby’s Delight, to drinks (potions) like Butter beer from the Leaky Cauldron run by Tom, a nice hot gulp of Felix Felicis, or even The Wolfsbane Potion, to steaks like The Hawaiin Horcrux and Sectumsempra, to desserts like Hagrid’s Rock Cakes, and beware the Imperius Cake, to ALL SORTS of beverages, to the Great Feast even!

The food and drinks are the best tasting and looking in town. It even has a Ministry of Magic entrance, and a whole new dimension has opened up about a few months ago with EVEN MORE stuff to discover. A good idea would be to celebrate a birthday there, as the experience will never be forgotten. Stop daydreaming, get in the car and drive down to this magical place. If you haven’t been there, you’re either living under a rock or missing out BIG-TIME

The Smokey Cauldron

Here are a few images of The Smokey cauldron showing both the interior and exterior of the place in daylight as well as in the night time.

Detailed Review on The Smokey Cauldron F-6 Islamabad

    The Smokey cauldron outlook

The Smokey cauldron review
The Smokey cauldron review

The Smokey Cauldron twilight

Detailed Review on The Smokey Cauldron F-6 IslamabadThe Smokey Cauldron Interior

Detailed Review on The Smokey Cauldron F-6 IslamabadThe Smokey Cauldron interior

Click here to Watch this beautifully recorded video of The Smokey Cauldron on their Facebook page.

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The Smokey Cauldron F-6 Islamabad - Review

The review has officially been written for the potter-heads in Islamabad and around. It tells about the special things in the restaurant , their marvelous interior and exterior, yummy crazy food titles and it’s taste.

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