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About Review Monkey

Ever been in a heart-mind dilemma? Well, we provide an answer to whether you should listen to your heart or mind by giving honest reviews that can help you make the best choices. We are a ‘public opinion driven’ platform motivated to ensure best experiences for the community with our legitimate reviews.

Review monkey (History)

Review Monkey was created to save you from bad purchase or experience & provide you with realistic details about the product service or a place, to help you have the best for yourself. Our reviews can make you feel as if you have already experienced or used the product or service before even making a purchase decision.

Our vision is to achieve Reviewmocracy, where only the brands, service providers, and products that deliver actual value to consumer will survive. Actual public opinion shared via honest reviews on the platform will drive purchase decisions instead of over-hyped products/services in false, misleading advertisement campaigns. We urge every online shopper, consumer to share their personal experiences and contribute to the cause.

Our Mission: Review monkey is motivated to bring awareness among shoppers & consumers and to reduce bad experiences and state of mistrust resulting from those bad experiences. To provide legitimate businesses access to consumer’s actual desires and expectations from a service and product, enabling them to improve and evolve accordingly. Not only that we bring value to the community with honest reviews, but also bring you the best deals and offers from your favorite ‘point of interests’ nearby.

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Review Monkey (About)