detailed and unbiased review on "Abey KHAO!"| I-8 Islamabad

Abey KHAO is a restaurant located in I-8 Islamabad. The restaurant works exclusively with special people breaking the barrier of communication between the deaf and hearing. It also encourages clients to learn sign language when they visit. The restaurant opens from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Read the full review on Review Monkey.

So, i heard about the place a long time ago but i never paid a visit until i met someone who actually couldn’t speak. One of my friend’s friend was with us who was not blessed with the voice we make no special use of. THAT moment i instantly thought to visit this place to make it more special for him.

Review monkeys headed straight to the “Abey KHAO!”, a small restaurant in I-8 and I was surprised to see how amazing the concept was, even though the place was not big or anything fancy but the way they turned their “so called” weakness into their biggest strength.

One thing I and many like me must have learnt just from the concept of it is that nothing can make anyone inferior to the other. Some are ungrateful despite having it all, others are just grateful enough to make great use of whatever nature has blessed them with.

So this place has this board right next to the corner that says all the alphabets in sign language that can help you order your food. It’s a great way of learning sign language as well as we, the dumb humans never bothered understanding the other dimensions of the world.

detailed and unbiased review on "Abey KHAO!"| I-8 Islamabad

We sat their and i couldn’t help feeling amazing with the friend we had with us that day. He kept on smiling and he actually felt really good that we were using his methods of communicating and that made it easier for us to communicate with him as well.

We ordered Chinese wonton sambosas as well as 3 mini beef burgers along with oreo frappuccino. The service was amazing as well as the serving portions and sizes. coming back to the taste, All of the things we ordered were fresh and the taste was just as god as the concept itself. We had a wonderful day at the place and the prices were so affordable. You must visit this place whether you can or can not hear. This place is not only a good place to eat but such an inspiration.

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detailed and unbiased review on "Abey KHAO!"| I-8 Islamabad
detailed and unbiased review on "Abey KHAO!"| I-8 Islamabad
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inspiring quotations enough to break the wrong mindsets.

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