Amazing "German Doner Kebab" 1| Bahria town, Rawalpindi

German Doner Kebab is an renowned international chain in food industry having its foot prints in Europe, Middle East, Asia and now introducing in Rawalpindi Pakistan. The restaurant opens at 12:00 Pm and closes down at 2:00 AM. Read the complete review at Review Monkey.

German Doner Kebab is a beautiful new addition to the Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. Had so many positive remarks from my friends and had to add this place to my Review Monkey calander.

So i visited this place on saturday at around 7:00 pm and i must say i really liked the place its outlook. It was a neatly designed exterior. the parking was adequate

The dining of the place is also good and clean and i had to try out their doner burger. The staff was nice and friendly and i really liked it already. people seemed happy with their orders and i couldn’t wait for my “lamb doner burger” to arrive.

The total time of wait was about 15 minutes which i guess was really okay. The burger was served hot and fresh , seemed really juicy and the filling seemed and smelled delicious. First bite and yum yum yum. it was satisfying and the size of the burger was big enough. The beef patty was tender and juicy just as it seemed.

I did not regret paying for what i got served with. The price range is average and a little above average on some items but, who cares as long as their food is delicious and the quality is well maintained?

I recommend this place for families and groups.

Check out their Facebook page for latest updates.

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Amazing "German Doner Kebab" 1| Bahria town, Rawalpindi
Amazing "German Doner Kebab" 1| Bahria town, Rawalpindi
Amazing "German Doner Kebab" 1| Bahria town, Rawalpindi
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