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Hardee’s is a burger point located in Saddar, Rawalpindi. The restaurant opens from 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM through out the week. Read the complete review at Review Monkey.

Hardee’s is a very well-known brand and used to be one of my favourite places for burgers and fries. I really love their mushroom n angus thick burger as well as the jalapeno one. The ambiance is good, the cleanliness and staff members are a few but, really good and the dinning area is good too. It has a really nice underground parking which makes parking really easy on the busy roads of saddar.

but, lately things have changed slightly. My last two visits to Hardee’s Rawalpindi were horrible. First of all, the staff seems to be unattending. Even after 15 minutes of wait in the line they still did not attend properly what i wanted to order. I had to keep telling them that again and again.

I ordered a chicken loader and a jalapeno burger along with fries when they finally paid attention. I waited for 15 more minutes and the order was served cold and unfresh to me. The burger was a bit smelly and fries were wayyyy too salty.

I told the waiter and he replaced the burger with a new one, another wait of 10-12 minutes but the other burger was cold too. i do not know what is wrong with the place now but, something surely is. The prices are a bit higher than average which was fine because of the quality back then but, paying so much for something like that is so unfair and unsatisfactory.

 i still wouldn’t say not to visit the place it might just be my experience, bad day or bad luck but this is what happened the past few times i visited Hardee’s Rawalpindi.

Otherwise the place is good for kids, families or just a random hangout with friends.

Check out their Facebook page for latest updates.

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"Hardee's", unsatisfactory |Detailed review 1
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