Detailed review on the beautiful "Ranchers"|I-8 , Islamabad.

Ranchers is located is a burgerjoint located in I-8 Islamabad. The place offers various kinds of burgers, fries and pizzas. Read the complete review on Review Monkey

Saturday 4:00 PM, My hunt for a perfect burger began! Did not really know I could find burgers at a ranch. hah! Fell in love with the interior the second I walked in. The restaurant has a lovely ambiance and furnishing. From the ceiling to the walls, from tables to the floor it is beautiful and hip.

I sat down like a hungry friendly llama and after reading the menu I decided to order a cowboy burger. The wait-staff was okay and they took my order nicely.

The total waiting time for one burger was about 12-15 minutes which I s a really good waiting time. They served hot and fresh. I really liked the burger in terms of taste and quality.

The prices were okay and the manager was kind and helping. The place is somewhere between good and excellent. I recommend visiting with friends and family and if you do, do not forget to share your experience with us in the review section

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Detailed review on the beautiful "Ranchers"|I-8 , Islamabad.
Detailed review on the beautiful "Ranchers"|I-8 , Islamabad.
Detailed review on the beautiful "Ranchers"|I-8 , Islamabad.
Detailed review on the beautiful "Ranchers"|I-8 , Islamabad.
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