Boom Boom Roll Paratha, F-10, Islamabad Review

Boom Boom Roll Paratha is a restaurant situated in F-10, Islamabad. It specializes in, as the name suggests, in Paratha Rolls and serves more items along with their signature item. Check out the review by Review Monkey below.

I’m a student. And most of my friends are students as well. Many of them live in hostels in the capital city of Islamabad. We are a group of people that cannot sit at home for too long because, well, it gets boring. We are also a group of people who are unable to stay in our Universities for too long because…well, you read the reason up there. And boy, are we glad that Boom Boom Roll Paratha came into our lives.

There’s no denying that the city of Islamabad has many old and new restaurants and cafes now. There are fancy places, there are places who actually serve good food, there are places that just charge you a lot for nothing substantial. As we go out frequently, we know about most of these places and we almost always have our minds set on where to go whenever we want to head out. It is safe to say that Boom Boom Roll Paratha is usually in the Top 3 of our list.

Going out so frequently and having food from all around the city can get tiring but also can get very expensive. We, as students, can’t really afford to eat at some place fancy every week. We are unable to always go into cafes that charge us about a 1000 Rupees for food that doesn’t even leave us fulfilled. Thankfully, Boom Boom Roll Paratha is a silver lining.

Situated right in the middle of F-10 Markaz, Boom Boom Roll Paratha is one of our absolute go to places in the capital. First of all, it’s location is pretty much ideal because it’s about a 5 minutes drive from all the other major places in my life such as my University.

Paratha Rolls are an integral part of the Pakistani lifestyle. At least an important part of the Student life. A Paratha Roll is a hybrid of a Shawarma and a Burger but also has this authentic Desi feeling to it. Now, imagine a Paratha Roll with soft, tender Malai Boti in it with Cheese dripping all over it. Now, multiply the size of the Paratha Roll that you have in your mind and multiply that by 3. And that is Boom Boom Roll Paratha in a nutshell.

As the name suggests, Boom Boom Roll Paratha serves the biggest Paratha Roll you can find in the Twin Cities. These guys are the real OGs of this particular cuisine and there is absolutely no doubt about that. Boom Boom Roll Paratha also proves that bigger can, in fact, mean better.

There is an issue I have with fancy cafes. They either serve extremely delicious food with very small servings or they serve extremely bland food with huge servings. You would think there is no balance, nothing that comes in between but Boom Boom Roll Paratha is here to prove you wrong.

Especially for my late night shenanigans, Paratha Rolls are my first choice whenever I get the munchies. Me and my friends were attending a concert at our University when all of us felt this weird hunger come over us. The main act still had about an hour or so to arrive so we thought of the nearest place we could go to where we could get amazing, satisfying, huge sized food and of course, Boom Boom Roll Paratha was our first choice.

We sat out in the open, right outside Boom Boom Roll Paratha and almost all of us ordered the Malai Cheese Paratha Rolls in Boom Boom size. There are 3 sizes in which these Rolls come in. There’s your regular size for noobs, there’s the Jumbo size which is basically in the middle and then comes the star of the hour, the Boom Boom size, named after the restaurant itself.

Boom Boom Roll Paratha has waiters that are usually not that well off or have some kind of disability, at least the waiter we got had some sort of a mental issue and I couldn’t help but appreciate them that they are at least giving everyone a chance. Not everyone does that.

The very first bite of our Boom Boom Roll Paratha was enough to soak us in and we finished the huge dish in under 10 minutes. We didn’t even know where it went but what we knew for certain was that we were extremely satisfied. Because after such a good meal, when the bill came and it was about 400 each, words can’t describe the happiness on all of my friends’ faces. We’re a cheap group, okay? Don’t judge.

We went back to the concert with the taste of the amazing Boom Boom Roll Paratha still in our mouths and we knew that we’d be coming back here again in a couple of days.

Paratha Rolls can be tricky business too though. I am not even exaggerating when I say that most of the other places that I have tried when it comes to Paratha Rolls have usually upset my stomach and I never feel good afterwards. That is why I keep coming back to Boom Boom Roll Paratha.

The Verdict:

The concept of quality and quantity together is lost on most of the restaurants and cafes of today. Boom Boom Roll Paratha is a breath of fresh air and defies these norms with food that will fill you up in the best way possible. I would definitely suggest everyone to check it out at least once. And please don’t get fooled by its copies. The original one is still located in F-10 and is one of my favorite places to eat that doesn’t really burden my wallet either!

Review Monkey Approves!

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Boom Boom Roll Paratha, F-10, Islamabad Review
Boom Boom Roll Paratha, F-10, Islamabad Review

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Boom Boom Roll Paratha, F-10, Islamabad Review
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