Detailed review on the mesmerizing "Shakespeare's lounge"|F-7 Islamabad

Shakespeare’s lounge is an English café located in F-7 Markaz Islamabad. The cafe serves brunch, lunch and dinner. The cafe remains open throughout the week from 11:30 – 23:30. Read the full review at Review Monkey.

Okay, Okay! As someone who loves English literature, I got really excited when I heard about the place. William Shakespeare had always been one of my favorite personalities in the whole damn world from history. The magic in his words can bring any dead heart back to life so I thought might his magic works for my stomach too?

When I got to know there is a place with his name I did not waste a single second to sail my Review Monkey’s boat all the way towards Stratford upon Avon I mean, to the Shakespeare’s lounge. hah!

Saturday afternoon, almost around 12:30 PM I stepped into the Elizabethan Era with Hamlet in my heart and Macbeth on my mind. amazing wooden floor , antique chandeliers, round royal chairs and walls with faded texts already made me feel like Antonio from “The Merchant Of Venice” and the place was as beautiful as a “midsummer night’s dream”.

Woah, Woah! enough of my literature freak talking! coming back to the 21st century is really hard when your heart is still in the 16th century. Anyway, I dined in and I was already really excited to see their creativity on the menu and I must say I was not disappointed.

The excitement and expectations of good food raise from 60 to 100 just by reading the names of the dishes like, ” Romeo and Juliet’s burger” , “Macbeth’s back mushroom beef”, “As you like it platter” and “Cleopatra’s fettuccine” and that’s not all, these just a few names I remember from the menu.

I decided to order Greek nachos and Hamlet’s pocket chicken from the menu and I could not wait for my order to be served. It was a bit busy at the place probably because of the weekend so, I expected it to take some extra time.

The food got served to me in nearly 30 minutes which was a fine waiting time I guess during the rush hours. The wait-staff was actually very well-mannered and I got to know that place is owned by a lady and that somehow made me a bit happier than I already was that the females in Pakistan are getting more creative and independently running their own businesses.

Coming back to the food they served , the Hamlet’s pocket chicken was actually a fried chicken breast covered with cottage cheese, sundried tomatoes and mushroom sauce. Both the dishes were served hot and fresh and the smell of it already did the talking of the taste. I tasted it and I could not be more amazed at how the combination turned out. I actually enjoyed every single bite. Most people say that the place is a bit pricy but, who cares if they serve such a heavenly food?

I stayed in the cafe even after finishing my food just to enjoy the place and to enjoy it more I could not hold myself back from ordering their “oozing lave” which is basically a molten lava for about 500 Rupees.  I waited for another 10 minutes for my oozing lava and again, they served it hot and fresh

The molten lava actually tasted as good as the rest of the items I ordered did and I actually do not regret spending almost 3 hours at the place without any company. The taste is still lingering in the memory of my tastebuds hah! I recommend you to visit this place even you are a literature fan or not just because of the taste and quality of the food served at the place and not to mention the amazing service.

It is a must visit with a friend, with a group of friends, with family, with kids and for all the days that you want to make special for yourself and for others.

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shakespeare's lounge
Detailed review on the mesmerizing "Shakespeare's lounge"|F-7 Islamabad
Detailed review on the mesmerizing "Shakespeare's lounge"|F-7 Islamabad
view from balcony
Detailed review on the mesmerizing "Shakespeare's lounge"|F-7 Islamabad
strawberry tart
Detailed review on the mesmerizing "Shakespeare's lounge"|F-7 Islamabad
mac and cheese
Detailed review on the mesmerizing "Shakespeare's lounge"|F-7 Islamabad

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