Detailed review on the beautiful "Street 1 cafe"|Islamabad

Street 1 Cafe is located in Kohsar Market Islamabad offering both dine in and outdoor seating. Read the full review on Review Monkey

One of the best things about the place is the location itself. Kohsar Market, It’s one of the finest old markets in Islamabad. The ambiance in the café is relaxing and the interior/exterior of the place is gorgeous. It has these beautiful hot air balloons hanging on the trees and to match the colorfulness they added colored and patterned chairs and tables making it more attractive to the eye.

One can easily get the countryside vibes from their outdoor seating and their English breakfast. Specially, with clouds in the sky and cool breeze, one can enjoy the outdoor seating.

I think they serve one of the best western food in town and have a variety of Pakistani local cuisines as well. One can simply not miss their avocado egg rolls and their choco pancakes. They have so many specials for you on their menu , their special servings and fantastic presntations will make you go wow even before trying anything out.

 I had been a huge fan of this place for breakfast and brunch for a long time now . Whenever someone asks about some good places for breakfast and brunch, name of this place always tops the list. Specially, with the family.

The cafe is so festive and is beautifully decorated according to the events, ocassions and seasons. I really love the place when christmas or halloween is around. Their special decorations and festivity needs to be experienced and praised.

Do not miss out this place if you’re inn or around town and do not forget to share your experience with us.

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Street 1 cafe
Detailed review on the beautiful "Street 1 cafe"|Islamabad
Detailed review on the beautiful "Street 1 cafe"|Islamabad
Detailed review on the beautiful "Street 1 cafe"|Islamabad

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