Manjoo Restaurant Review

Manjoo Restaurant Bahria Town rose to fame due to it’s authentic Arabic cuisine and taste. Situated in the heart of Bahria Town, Civic Center Phase 4 Rawalpindi. Manjoo is a Saudi restaurant serving Arabic dishes like Sarookh Shawarma, Turkish Fatayer, Mandi, Aish ul Bulbul and much more. Manjoo is an Arabic word that means Mango in English.

We heard about Manjoo Bahria Town through a foodie friend who has a craze for Arabic Dishes. Taking his recommendation seriously, we went to Manjoo Bahria Town to explore the authentic Arabic taste. Manjoo has red and yellow exterior with see through glass walls that gives you a good look inside. The interior of the restaurant is also done brilliantly with elegant wood work, beautiful decorations and hanging lamps.

The restaurant covers an area of around 2500 square feet and has two entrance, as soon as you enter Manjoo Restaurant, the aroma of grilled chicken and barbecue excites your taste buds like anything. On the right hand side is the Grill and BBQ section, two huge shawarma grills with stacked boneless chicken being grilled right infront of your eyes. Another interesting part of their kitchen is the traditional Turkish tandoor for baking Pizzas and Fatayer.

What we really liked about the kitchen is that everything is being cooked right infront of your eyes! The kitchen staff can seen wearing mesh chef hats and gloves, that kind of assures you that you are in the right hands hygiene wise. Manjoo Bahria Town also has a Fresh Juices section that makes Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Juices and Shakes.

Moving forward to our order, we ordered a Chicken Cheese Shawarma Platter, Chicken Cheese Fatayer, BBQ Platter with Chicken BBQ, Mutton BBQ Kababs and Beef BBQ, Mutabbaq, Falafel Platter with Hummus and Aish ul Bulbul. Let us share our review on Manjoo Restaurant Dishes one by one,

Sarookh Arabic Chicken Shawarma – Manjoo Restaurant

The Authentic Saudi Style Chicken Shawarma is called Sarookh, although we’ve been eating the local Pakistani Peta Bread shawarmas as Arabic Shawarmas but none of them are authentic. Sarookh has grilled chicken, French fries, pickles, Manjoo’s signature mayo sauce and some vinegar in it. The bread of the shawarma is also very thin and longer in size as compared to Peta Bread. The first bite of Shawarma made me fall in love with Manjoo Restaurant, the grilled chicken was nothing like local grills, the pickles, the sauces and the bread, everything was on point. Totally loved it, not eating any other shawarma from Rawalpindi again other than Manjoo.

Chicken Cheese Fatayer – Manjoo Restaurat

Fatayer also known as Pataeer is a pie stuffed with chicken, meat or spinach. But Manjoo offers Chicken Cheese Fatayer, Mutton Fatayer and Beef Fatayer. We ordered Chicken Cheese Fatayer that was served hot and fresh from the Turkish Tandoor. Stuffed with chicken, some veg and lots of dripping cheese. The first bite gave me a vibe of margarita pizza but with a much better and mild taste. The crunchy side crust of Fatayer also adds to the taste.

Barbecue Platter – Manjoo Restaurant

The ext dish that we tried was a BBQ Platter that had a collection of Chicken, Mutton and Beef Barbecue items. The BBQ was well-done but still juicy and all the spices were so balanced. Specially Mutton and Beef BBQ was so delectable that for a moment I forgot that I was eating in Pakistan.

Mutabbaq – Manjoo Restaurant Bahria Town

Mutabbaq Manjoo Restaurant Rawalpindi

Mutabbaq is a Saudi Street Style Paratha that has minced meat, cheese and egg filling in it. Manjoo aces almost all the Arabic Dishes they serve but Mutabbaq was something that didn’t impress my taste buds keeping in view their overall taste. Maybe it’s because What a Paratha sells really delicious stuffed parathas.

Falafel Platter with Hummus – Manjoo Restaurant

If you are looking for authentic falafel and Hummus, you just cant find a better place. Manjoo serves Falafel Platter with Hummus, Fresh Salad, Grilled Vegetables, boiled eggs and bread. One bite and I was simply amazed at how brilliantly prepared it was. Specially the hummus was so authentic! If you use frozen hummus in your breakfast or along with your meals, say goodbye to frozen and switch to the legit hummus being served in Manjoo Bahria Town.

Aish ul Bulbul – Manjoo Restaurant

Aishe ul Bulbul also known as Esh ul Bulbul is an Arabic sweet dish made with dough, cream cheese and honey. Apparently it looks like Fatayer and is baked the same way as Fatayer. I can say for sure that it was one of the best hot desserts that I’ve tried in a lifetime. You can’t just resist this nutritious and cheesy dessert.

Manjoo Restaurant Contact Number

Manjoo Arabic Restaurant Contact Number for Delivery 03127779990

Manjoo Restaurant Timings

Manjoo Restaurant is open 7 days a week from 12 pm to 2 am at night.

Manjoo Restaurant Bahria Address

In front of Tuck Shop Number 2 Civic Center Bahia Town Phase 4 Rawalpindi.

Manjoo Restaurant Menu

Overall we had a great experience at Manjoo Bahria Town and we would highly recommend you guys to visit this authentic arabic food chain.

Here’s a video review of Manjoo Bahria Town by Foodtuber:

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