Kunafaty Bahria Town, Phase 7 Rawalpindi, Islamabad is a Middle Eastern restaurant in Bahria Town Phase 7, Islamabad. The restaurant serves Middle Eastern cuisine. Opening hours of Kunafaty are 4:30 PM to 1:30 AM. The restaurant offers dine-in as well as home delivery. Read the full review at Reviewmonkey.pk .

Restaurant Kunafaty is not a famous place. It is rather a very small place to dine-in. Fun-fact: Kunfatay word is derived from a Middle Eastern dessert dish Kunafa, also known as Kanafeh, Kunafeh or Knafeh. Kunafa Recipe consists of ingredients like thin strands of shredded phyllo dough known as Kataifi. The phyllo dough is usually fried or baked (depends on preference) with butter or oil until it is crisp.

We heard about the place from a couple of foodies and it sounded really interesting as their are not many places that serve Middle Eastern Food in Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Late summer evenings with a slight chill in the air made us crave for something like a hot spicy wrap and this recommendation immediately popped in our heads. Not wasting our time we drove down the place to find out whether they have the true Middle Eastern cuisine or not and whether this small place has something big for us or not.

The place has a really small space to dine in and is definitely not made for large groups. It does have an interesting interior tho! I really liked how neat and polished it looks on the inside. The paintings and hanging light bulbs were perfectly placed above every dinning table making the place slightly cozier.

Anyway, that was all about the interior of this tiny restaurant now let us move on to the menu and food. Kunafaty menu definitely lacks variety. It only offers some types Kunafa, Shawarma, Hummus and some variations of Falafel. They do serve a few beverages but, I wish there were some variety.

We ordered one from dish from each of the sections present on the menu as mentioned earlier, there wasn’t much on the menu already. So, our order contained one Falafel wrap, Arabic Chicken Shawarma, Kunafa Cheese and Hummus.

Serving time was okay. We got served with our food in 20 minutes and the food seemed hot and fresh. Lets discuss each item separately in terms of taste and quality

So, I chose to start with Hummus and I was so disappointed that I did not even want to try out anything else. I literally did not like the composition of the Hummus. The taste and smell of tahini was missing and even the chickpeas were not mashed very well. I did not like it at all. The price we paid for hummus was about 220 rupees.

I convinced myself to try out the falafel wrap as I was hungry and they seemed really good on the outside. One bite and I was simply amazed at how brilliantly prepared it was. The bread that they used in it was specially prepared by them and the falafels were so tender and yummy that I instanly changed my mind about the restaurant. I haven’t tasted such falafel wraps anywhere in Islamabad. The price was also surprisingly good. It was about 150 rupees.

Shawarma and Kunafa, I have a mixed opinion about both of these dishes. Shawarma slightly lacked what it takes to be called a true Arabic taste. However the Kunafa was a lot more sweater than I expected. But, This could be my bad luck because they really seem to know how to make both the dishes. The ingredients they used were visibly good. For shawarma we paid about 190 rupees and for Kunafa Cheese, about 500 rupees.

I guess the place was not bad at all. They offer really affordable filling food and a really neat place to dine-in. I wish they had slightly better Hummus so I would have visited the place more often.

Kunafaty Islamabad Menu

Kunafaty Bahria Town
Kunafaty Bahria Town, Phase 7 Rawalpindi, Islamabad
Kunafaty Menu
Kunafaty Bahria Town, Phase 7 Rawalpindi, Islamabad

Kunafaty Bahria Town Phase 7 Rawalpindi Pictures

Kunafaty Bahria Town, Phase 7 Rawalpindi
Kunafaty Bahria Town, Phase 7 Rawalpindi, Islamabad
Kunafaty Bahria Town, Phase 7 Rawalpindi
Kunafaty Bahria Town, Phase 7 Rawalpindi, Islamabad

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