Detailed and unbiased review on " Enchanto" |DHA phase-1|Islamabad

Enchanto is a newly opened restaurant located in DHA phase 1, Islamabad.  The restaurant serves brunch, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee. offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The restaurant opens at around 11:00 AM and closes down by 12:00 AM. Read the complete review at Review Monkey.

Enchanto launched on December 29, 2018 and I’ve been wanting to go there ever since I heard about its opening but, couldn’t manage to pay a call with all my busy routine until last Sunday.

Just like the famous Saturday nights’ dinner, we all know the most important meals of Sunday are breakfast and brunch. So Review Monkey team couldn’t start to start their day with some nice brunch at Enchanto.

Driving down to the place on cold and frosty morning while it was drizzling had already made it really good for us. We arrived at the place around 12:30 and they offered a really very nice and convenient parking. The place looked really modern and nice by its outlook.

We already read some of the really good reviews by people on their Facebook page and we were really excited to be one of them. Walking in, the place not only has a nice exterior but, a nice interior too! Probably because it had opened recently so everything was bright, shiny and clean.

But it is hard expecting a good quality food from a place that had just opened. They offered a really nice buffet at really affordable prices.

There were a number of dishes including halwa puri, beef nihaari, aloo bhujia, lahori channay, aloo paratha , tawa paratha, bread and butter,  mutton paya, chicken karahi, chicken biryani and much more. For sweets they offered, gajar halwa and fruit triffle and for drinks they offered both sweet and salty lassi as well as hot beverages (tea and coffee).

Everything seemed freshly prepared and we couldn’t wait to try out the food. We filled our platter with some starters like a tiny amount of halwa with a quarter poori and lahori channay for round 1

And wow-wow! They were great in both quality and taste.

For round 2 we went for Beef nihaari and some mutton paye with tawa paratha. I would say i was not disappointed at all. Everything was rich in taste and made us more excited to try out the other stuff.

Round 3 was some chicken biryani along with chicken karahi. I think The biryani was a little less spicy for me but no complaints about the way it was prepared. The quality was amazing and the karahi was perfect both in taste and quality.

Round 4 was obviously our last round for eating and we were already full but, we could not miss out the mouth watering gajar halwa. Yes, that too was brilliant in taste even though we were quite full but, we still wanted to have more of it.

For drinks I had salty lassi and my friends had the tea, and I won’t say they did not serve a good lassi. It’s just me! I never liked any lassi besides what my mother makes at home. Lassi that is thick makes me feel so full and it keeps travelling from my food pipe to the stomach and then from stomach to my food pipe. It wasn’t bad though! I have seen most people preferring such kind of lassi.

The place is a must visit from my side, It had made our Sunday very refreshing. The place is good for families, do not be afraid to try out this newly opened place! It is a great value for time and money.

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Detailed and unbiased review on " Enchanto" |DHA phase-1|Islamabad
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