Detailed and unbiased review on "Tapas" | G-9 Islamabad

Tapas is a restaurant located in G-9 Islamabad. The restaurant serves Fast Food, Pastas, Chinese, Spanish & BBQ/Karahi for lunch and dinner. The restaurant open from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM. Read the full review at Review Monkey.

Driving my Review Monkey car down the G-9 Islamabad i stopped by Tapas to have lunch. The place has a convenient parking and also looks decent from the outlook. As I entered i found a really good environment, mostly families sitting there. The place was neat and clean and good enough to din in.

I sat down for about 15 minutes just observing before i placed my order. Looking at the menu they definitely offers a variety of food that includes Pasta, BBQ as well some Spanish and Chinese cuisine.

I ordered their Chinese deal that included “Chicken Shashlik served with fried rice , Club sandwich, chowmein as well a 1.5 ltr soft drink”. The prices were reasonable.

Detailed and unbiased review on "Tapas" | G-9 Islamabad

But, the service was not amazing. I called the waiter twice but it seemed to me that they just abandoned me. I didn’t feel very good as I was starving and that was such a disrespect to someone who has travelled a long way just to eat at your place. Anyway i tried to let go of it and the waiter finally came to take my order. I placed my order and i didn’t know that i had to forget my order as well because they took ages to serve.

Literally and hour to serve me something as simple as 1 platter! I still hoped for a good food after a long, long wait with my starving tummy. The food got served cold despite taking an hour! I was disappointed at the club sandwich and the taste of chowmein was horrendous. The only thing eatable in the deal was the chicken shashlik and that in fact was good. But, i paid for the whole thing. They could simply tell people to order stuff separately and charge a 100 rupee extra on one dish instead of serving two bad side dishes.

I was really disappointed by the food and service but, i won’t tell you not to go. You might experience better stuff over there and if you do, do not forget to share it with us in our review section.

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Detailed and unbiased review on "Tapas" | G-9 Islamabad
Detailed and unbiased review on "Tapas" | G-9 Islamabad
Detailed and unbiased review on "Tapas" | G-9 Islamabad
Detailed and unbiased review on "Tapas" | G-9 Islamabad

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