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Tea o clock is a unique spot for tea lovers of the capital located in F7/4 Islamabad, Pakistan. The place is neither a desi dhaaba nor a fancy restaurant but a green outdoor space with a slight touch of English country side. They offer different types of tea, shakes and some stuff to eat as well.

On a cold winter Wednesday, after having an early dinner, me and my sister went tea hunting to put an end to our winter’s day because, I swear to Susan our days are not over without a large mug of Dumdaar chaaye (a strong cup of tea) cuz “a cup of tea is an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds“.

We decided to visit this place called Tea O clock that was suggested to us by many people in our circle. Drove down to the place with no second thoughts and had a positive vibe coming from miles away.

As y’all know winter is all about lights, festivity and Christmas! Woo-hoo, we could see the bling of beautiful golden lights on the garden parasols from far-far away. The place was lit with so many fairy lights and trees were decorated with cute ornaments and decorations, one of the cutest things was a kettle hanging on a tree that says “tea o clock” and 3 England flags hanging down in a row bringing that wind from the West.

The place was nothing but a simple grass-field with wooden lawn chairs and a small hut covered with bells holy and a lantern hanging on its front. So simple yet magical arrangement of the place already made us excited and we couldn’t wait to place our order for tea and try it out.

They have this menu board where you can find the specials and other items like Aloo Paratha, Cheese Paratha, Pizza slice, Pizza roll, Potato Spud and Shakes. But, we did not want to go crazy and experimenting with our order so we simply ordered what we were craving for, a strong cup of simple tea.

We waited a little longer than we usually do for 2 regular cups of tea. It took them like 30 minutes to serve just two cups of tea (which is honestly way too much for me) but, the ambiance was so cozy and attractive that we just sat down and talked about some important stuff and that carried away the wait.

After waiting for 30 minutes they served us with a smoking hot tea in such cute kettles with woolen crochet covers adding more to the Wintery and Christmasy vibe we already got from the place.

And now, the final step, the hardest yet the most important one, identifying the taste of the tea. We both decided to take the first sip together to see how we both react to it without listening to what the other has to say or had said about it. Haha! It’s crazy but t’was one hell of a fun night.

As we took its first sip, I saw my sister’s eyes opening bigger and tbh the same thing happened to me. The tea tasted so good and so on point. JUST-THE-WAY-WE-LIKE-IT. Strong, refreshing with a smell that goes straight down your belly and makes it say, AHHH!!

We had our time, we had the best tea but, the only issue was the wait and the place is a little bit on the pricy side but, it doesn’t matter as long as they serve you with quality food and nicely blended tea.

I recommend visiting the place after sunset because the lights, the moon, the smoke, All these things make it more magical and unique at dusk.
Next time you’re around, do not forget to visit the place and share your experience with Review Monkey.

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tea o clock outdoor sitting
tea o clock outdoor sitting
Detailed review on the magical "Tea O Clock" | F-7, Islamabad.
Tea O Clock Outdoor sitting
Detailed review on the magical "Tea O Clock" | F-7, Islamabad.

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