detailed review on the mesmerizing "Slider Zone" phase-7, Bahria Town| Islamabad.

Slider Zone is located in Bahria Town Phase-7 Islamabad, has brought a new concept to Pakistan of serving food on a conveyor belt. read the full review at Review Monkey.

What is a conveyor belt?
Conveyor belts in restaurants were invented by Yoshiaki Shiraishi in Japan (an owner of a small sushi restaurant) who had trouble with managing the restaurant all alone.

Yoshiaki Shiraishi came up with an idea of serving people through a conveyor belt Instead of hiring new staff to help him serve food. After working for five years his idea finally became a holy grail and he started serving food on a conveyor belt where food is served to the customers on a moving belt instead of any waiters. The first restaurant using conveyor belt technology was opened in Higashiosaka in 1958.

The Restaurant has brought foreign feels to the people of Pakistan by their impressive technology of serving food. Not only this but, also the food served over there is unique and each and everything has a concept and is built on an idea.

Slider zone has caused a sensation in the town. I heard about the place from a lot of my relatives and friends and decided to visit the place without wasting more time.

On a fine Thursday afternoon, I , along with my friend, decided to drive down to this new “talk of the town” restaurant.

The place looked fine from its outlook. As we walked inn, it only got better. I really liked the ambiance. It was neat and simply beautiful. We sat down to the place for a while before placing an order and discussed the interior and observed their new “conveyor belt technique”. It wasn’t hard to say that they have not only introduced this concept for the very first time in Pakistan but, are also maintaining it.

The cleanliness of the place and great response from the people over there made us more excited than we already were and we couldn’t wait to try out their food.

It was around 12:30 pm when we arrived at the place and we weren’t that hungry so we didn’t go with anything too fancy or giant so, we decided to keep it simple and decided to order a burger.

We waited for nearly 15-20 minutes and saw our burgers moving towards us on a conveyor belt. The burgers appeared relatively smaller than usual (about 3 inches wide bun). Me and my friend gave “that look” at each other and wondered what could be the science behind it.

We started a discussion on its size thinking of it as a serving less- earning more strategy. The manager somehow listened to it and walked towards and , He was kind and generous and explained to us thoroughly why their burgers were smaller than any other restaurant would serve backed by general research and stats on Pakistani restaurants that, about 70% of the food goes to waste, and only 30% of the total food served is consumed.

It was quite impressive to actually see it from the other angle. Anyway, it is always important to judge the food on the basis of its taste and quality rather than size. The burgers looked fresh and juicy and were actually very delicious. And yes, the manager seemed to be right, because I ate this burger, which apparently looked small, but was filling and the patty was rich and juicy also well-cooked and I felt through

Visiting slider zone is definitely one hell of an important thing to do while in Islamabad or nearby. I 10 on 10 recommend this place. The ambiance is great, the staff and food is good too. It is good if you visit the place with family or groups.
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detailed review on the mesmerizing "Slider Zone" phase-7, Bahria Town| Islamabad.
detailed review on the mesmerizing "Slider Zone" phase-7, Bahria Town| Islamabad.
detailed review on the mesmerizing "Slider Zone" phase-7, Bahria Town| Islamabad.
Slider Zone Burgers
detailed review on the mesmerizing "Slider Zone" phase-7, Bahria Town| Islamabad.

Slider Zone Reviews by Customers

Slider Zone

Went to try their tower burgers. Though small in size, flavor was good.
Pizza had too liquidy cheese which didn't taste good.
A cozy environment to enjoy steaks and burgers with family and friends. A must visit!
Loved the food and atmosphere! Slider Zone features a big table on which your food is delivered to you on a conveyor belt thingy known as Slider. In case if you're sitting in regular seating, table service is offered. The menu offers steaks, burgers (chicken and beef), a larger variety of fries, pastas, cakes and drinks. The interior is really nice, well air conditioned and clean. The staff is nice and cooperative. Highly recommended!
My worst experience ever , tried their high tea with my wife . In total menu had 10-12 dishes and almost all of them were below average. I am just not being a stringent critic but I swear it had no taste at all . The food quality was very substandard according to the fine dine they offer . Owner this rating would definitely come to you , please improve the food quality otherwise you would get extinct in this competitive market. Thanks
I have mixed reviews about this place. It was nice to see such an amazing place with a unique idea of conveyor belt serving food.
What I ordered:
1 Dangerous slider
1 The Knight
1 Commando fries
Okay so the sliders are very cute looking tiny burgers. I love the concept of sliders. Coming to the taste, dangerous slider was a spicy wotg beetroot bun and tasted really good.
The knight was a beef patty slider. The patty was ynder cooked and had a bad odour 😡
Commando fries were really good.

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Slider Zone

Slider zone is a new restaurant located in Bahria Town Islamabad, The restaurant’s special features include, serving food on a conveyer belt and appropriate size of meal for every hungry tummy.

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