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Mumtaz Kadah is a beautiful restaurant located in phase 7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi. They serve a variety of desi food. Read what Review Monkey team has to say about it at

So, on a Thursday, Review Monkey Team decided to go to Mumtaaz Kadah for sehri. It was recommended to us by many of our friends and family members who lived in DHA and Bahria and we had heard so many good things about the food quality and variety they serve in their sehri buffet so we decided to pay a call and check it out.

We drove straight down to the place and the first star from us always goes to the convenient parking. We had no trouble parking our vehicle and we were quite happy about it.

This place glows like gold when you see it from the outside which is beautiful and made us even more excited about the yummy food which will soon be filling our starving stomachs. As we entered, a person, we did not ask who he was but seemed like he was from the management staff or something but, not a regular waiter, greeted us very nicely and and helped us find a perfect spot to have our sehri.

The place has a very beautiful interior, comfortable seating (also has comfortable sofa sitting corner). but we chose the sofas and they not only looked great but, were actually very comfortable also the place had a perfect warm lightning which was neither too dim nor too bright and actually added a lot more to the experience.

Mumtaz kadah Bahria Town – Review Monkey

Since it was a buffet, there was a wide range of food and a special lassi corner where lassi is made in a huge traditional jug with a traditional whisker which made us reminisce about the time our grandmothers used to do so. But, now that the technology has taken over these things, we are much lazier to do stuff like that so, it was really good to get reminded of the simpler time.

Moving on to the food, We did not do the rounds but filled our platter with whatever we needed in just one round because we arrived their a little late were running out of time. There were so many options to begin with but the first thing i put in my platter was “Kachoomar Salad” and I seasoned it with tamarind sauce .

Then moved on to halwa puri (halwa was made from desi ghee), mutton, and kebab. Since there were four of us, we tried as many items as we could.

Others filled their platters with barbeque, shahi daal, chicken achari, and bengan ka bhurta. They had both puri and parathas and various sauces available. One of us wanted to have an half fried egg which was not on the menu but they made him a half fried egg within no time. They did charge extra for that but, the thing that they offered it was a plus point.

We really liked the food and tasted items from each other’s platters. I personally really liked shahi daal and chicken achari. These two stole the show. other items like, lassi were very nice too.

In the end we had some green tea and we were done with the food and actually really happy about the whole experience. Moving on to the prices, It was quite affordable, we paid Rs.3090 for four persons and the quality of the food was actually very nice.

We recommend Mumtaz Kadah for families and kids. Even though we were there for sehri but, you can enjoy the place on normal days as well because of their wonderful and luxurious seating, service and excellent quality of food.

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Review on the beautiful "Mumtaz Kadah"| Phase-7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
Review on the beautiful "Mumtaz Kadah"| Phase-7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
Review on the beautiful "Mumtaz Kadah"| Phase-7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
mumtaz kadah buffet
mumtaz kadah seating
Review on the beautiful "Mumtaz Kadah"| Phase-7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
Review on the beautiful "Mumtaz Kadah"| Phase-7 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi
mumtaz kadah table
Mumtaz kadah
Mumtaz Kadah review - $10-$33
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