Detailed and unbiased review on "Mughlai Courtyard" |F8 Islamabad

Mughlai Courtyard is an Indian/Pakistani restaurant located in F8 Islamabad/ Pakistan. The restaurant remains open from 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM and serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and coffee. Read the full review at Review Monkey.

Mughlai Courtyard, the name itself tells what the place must be like, definitely a place inspired by the Mughal Empire , We already assume the Royal antique dining and Royal Indian cuisine. 

Review Monkey was desperately in need to review a place like that so on a fine Wednesday afternoon our notepads craved for a pure Desi and light food. Obviously no one would want to eat something like this in winters but, It’s our tummy man! It can crave for anything at any time.

So, we drove down to the place with our best buddy “The google map”. We arrived there and they have a really convenient parking. Parked our vehicle in the parking lot and the place looked good on its outside , like an old building with crisscrossed wooden frames covering the windows and the main entrance , a beautiful dim red paint on the outer walls making it more unique.

walking in, we expected simple non fancy sitting and it was the same. Not much impressed by the interior but, it was clean so, we sat down and starting rolling our eyes on the menu.

We had been eating heavy meals throughout the week so, as we already decided we went with something as light. A daal makhani, Nauratan pakoras and shaahi tukray. A pure desi food making us feel like home.The wait-staff was good but it did not feel like we’re inside a fancy restaurant, It was simple. So simple! the waiters greeted us nicely and took our order.

We asked for the wait time because we were really hungry and they said we will take 20-30 minutes which I think was an honest answer because most people at the restaurants are going to tell you “the food will be served to you in a blink of an eye” and end up serving after an hour. It actually did take them 30 minutes to serve us and we were happy that they served in the time that they told.

Well, what matters is that, they served us right. The food we ordered was freshly made and it smelled really nice , Daal was really nicely meshed and felt buttery , I could feel the tarka and reminded me of something my mom used to make at home.

The pakoras were not as good as expected though! they were not crispy at all! no complaints about its composition or the perfect balance of spices added into it. We called the waiter and told them that the pakoras were really soft but, he told us that it’s because of the weather or something, I don’t remember exactly what he told but, he excused us and we were left with the soft pakoras. My pakora experience had never been so good except for the one’s I ate at Chilman.

 We asked them to serve the shaahi tukray after we were done with the food. And they did. Shahi tukray were awesoyum! soft and yummy creamy delight you might not find everywhere in Islamabad.

The overall experience was good and we enjoyed our meal despite the soft pakoras I still liked the taste. I recommend this place for families special with the senior people of the family to give them a flashback of the simpler times or with friends. The place is best for lunch and in the day light it looks really good on the outside but, it’s your call, you can visit the place for tea or dinner as well.

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mughlai courtyard outlook
Detailed and unbiased review on "Mughlai Courtyard" |F8 Islamabad
Detailed and unbiased review on "Mughlai Courtyard" |F8 Islamabad
Detailed and unbiased review on "Mughlai Courtyard" |F8 Islamabad
Detailed and unbiased review on "Mughlai Courtyard" |F8 Islamabad
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