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“Majeed Huts” is a simple desi dhaaba in Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. It is open for breakfast and lunch, closes down by 6 pm, every day. They offer outdoor sitting to people to taste their amazing cuisine from all over Pakistan.


The place is famous among students and professors of QUA and speaking of it takes so many QUA students down the memory lane and their own version of Hansel and Gretel where there is no wicked witch but a kind man serving all those amazing dishes one could ever imagine. And Of course a heavenly treat for the one’s living in hostels and away from homes can enjoy their delicious breakfast that makes them feel closer their homes.


Coming back to why you should visit this small Dhaaba on our recommendation for at-least once in your lifetimes, I personally would say, they serve the best dal-fry , Keema and Kababs. They have so much more on the menu but those were my personal favorites from it. My friends and most people enjoy their mutton palak and malai boti and set special gatherings just to go grab a bite. Out of my favorites, my most favorite is majeed huts’ Kababs. they are the juiciest , softest and tastiest kababs I have ever tried. It’s taste is matchless and unique, one of the specialities about their kabab’s is that the chef started making the Kababs at the age of six, the Kababs are not as the other ordinary kababs you may find around town but they’re made of passion and the chef’s experience in making them leads it to be the best Kababs around town.


One more special from the menu is the Crisis Omelette. This omelette is more like a burrito. The leftovers of every curry or soup are mixed together and stir fried for the omelette’s filling. It is juicy and consists of a different taste in every bite. This simple omelette brings people from far and wide to visit Majeed huts cuz it is one thing you may not find anywhere else but here.

Majeed Huts Specials

1: dal Fry

2: chicken laziza

3: rajma (kidney beans)

4: keema

5: kabab fry

Majeed huts Images

Majeed Huts
Majeed Huts-QAU-Islamabad


Majeed Huts
Majeed Huts specials


Majeed Huts Crisis Omlette
Majeed Huts Crisis Omelette


Majeed Huts Menu

1: Chicken Karahi

2: Chicken Biryani

3: Chicken Malai Boti Fry

4: Qeema Matar Aloo

5: Chicken Jalfrezi

6: Sabzi Daal Kaddu

7: Chicken Lazeezah

8: Chicken Pakoray

9: Aloo special

10: Daal Maash

11: Aloo Anda

12: Daal masoor

13: Lobia

14: Sabzi Handi

15: Matar Masala

16: Seekh Kabab

17: Crisis Omelette

18: Chaawal Channay

19: Barbeque Fry

20: Chicken Vegetable Macaroni

21: Chinese Vegetable Rice

22: Chicken Shashlik Rice

23: Chicken Manchurian Rice

24: Chicken White Karahi

25 Chicken Tikka

26: Chicken Boti



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Majeed Huts Islamabad Review

Majeed huts is located in QUA Islamabad, a simple dhaba serving delicious food amongst the students as well as professors of QUA . They cook recipes collected from every corner of Pakistan to serve every taste at one place.

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