Detailed review on the beautiful "Khiva Restaurant"| F-7 Islamabad

Khiva restaurant is located in F-7 Islamabad and offers an variety of desi cuisine. Read the full review on Review Monkey

Khiva restaurant is build for those who love desi cuisine. They have almost everything from dahi baray to chicken karahi. They do offer Chinese and Italian but their main focus and target is desi food.

It was for the very first time that I visited this place and no wonder their amazing decorations on their rooftop already gave me good vibes. They do have indoor seating but I really liked their rooftop setup so, decided to have my meal over there. I do not usually like to eat heavy meals but, the smell of the food at this place already made me crave for something really heavy cooked in pure desi ghee.

I looked at the menu and I straightaway ordered “desi organic chicken karahi” and I couldn’t wait for my order to be served as I was looking here and there the wait-staff serving sizzling hot nice smelling food to the people around.

I also ordered their special “tandoori chaaye” and told them to serve that to me later after meal. They took about 20 minites to serve the “organic chicken karahi” with plain naan.  It smelled so good that I could literally inhale the taste from breathing.

I tasted it and it was “YUMILICIOUS” . just as I expected it to be. Perfect combination and balance of spices. The chicken was properly cooked and it was not as oily as I thought it would be. The curry seemed so smooth and tasteful.

I really enjoyed my meal under the starry decorations of the place. I was so full with the meal that I literally had no space for the tea but as they served it I couldn’t resist. The style of serving was winsome. They served the tea in baked clay pots and it tasted and smelled so good too.

The prices were adequate. Neither too high nor too low but I guess it’s a good value for money to eat at Khiva.

I really enjoyed my visit to Khiva as well as my meal. Let us know about you experience at Khiva in the review section.

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Detailed review on the beautiful "Khiva Restaurant"| F-7 Islamabad

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