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Italian Oven is located in f-10 Markaz Islamabad , serving you with the pure Chinese and Italian taste. the place offers both dine in and takeout. good for families and groups. read the full review at Review Monkey

I personally really like this place because it offers true Italian taste at affordable prices and so many options for vegetarians. I might not be a big fan of its ambience specially, because of the lightning and the furniture but, the service and quality of food makes me want to go there again and again. I personally really like the pepper steak and garlic mushrooms from their menu however I won’t recommend their pizzas, they are a bit greasy and distasteful also they do not offer any fancy beverages , . The staff is okay but, I recommend visiting the place next time you crave for something Italian or Chinese and if you do, make sure you share your experience with us.

Italian Oven Specials
1: Pepper steak
2: Garlic mushrooms
3: Lasagna

Italian Oven Menu and prices:

Chicks Delight – Rs275
Baby Chicken Ribs – Rs275
Garlic Bread with Cheese – Rs275
Chicken Wings – Rs275
Minestrone Soup – Rs195
Chicken Vegetable Soup – Rs195
Mulligatawny Soup – Rs195
Fruit Salad – Rs165
Salad Bar from Rs145

Burger & Sandwiches
Chicken Fillet Burger – Rs395
Beef Burger – Rs395
Mexican Burger – Rs395
Italian Oven Special Burger – Rs425
Fish Burger – Rs425
Double Decker Beef Burger – Rs395
Club Sandwich With Difference – Rs395 
Tuna Sandwich – Rs395
Pasted Chicken Sandwich – Rs395
Italian Oven Special Sandwich – Rs425

Classic Lasagna – Rs395
Chicken Mushroom Lasagna – Rs395
Penne Arrabiata – Rs395
Chicken Cannelloni – Rs395
Mushroom Ravioli – Rs395
Penne With Chicken – Rs395
Spaghetti Bolognese – Rs295
Spaghetti Alla Funghi – Rs295 
BBQ Chicken Spaghetti – Rs295 
Tour of Italy – Rs495

Polo Tuscany – Rs545
Chicken Steak – Rs545
Chicken Pepper Steak – Rs545
BBQ Chicken Steak – Rs545
Hawaiian Steak – Rs545
Chicken Olive Steak – Rs545
Milano Steak – Rs595
Steak Tuscany – Rs595
Italian Steak – Rs595

International Selection
Italian Oven Baked Chicken – Rs395
Stuffed Chicken – Rs395
Chicken Fajita – Rs395
Chicken Dianne – Rs395
Chicken Carciofi – Rs395
Chicken Parmigiana – Rs395
Mix Grill Platter – Rs495
Mexican Grilled Chicken – Rs395
Italian Oven Special Chicken – Rs395
Chicken Teriyaki – Rs395
Italian Chicken Spiralas Pasta – Rs395

Seafood & Shrimps
Fish Aglio Olio – Rs595
Fish Fritto – Rs595
Mexican Style Fish – Rs595
Thai Style Fish Fillet – Rs595
Italian Oven Special Seafood Platter – Rs625
Shrimps Thermador – Rs595
Teriyaki Fish – Rs595
Shrimps On The Sizzler – Rs595
BBQ Fish – Rs595
Tandoori Fish – Rs595
Bang Bang Shrimps – Rs595
Fried Shrimps – Rs595
Seafood Platter – Rs595
Fish Munior – Rs595
Asian Style Pan Fried Fish – Rs595
Fish Almodine – Rs595
Grilled Seafood – Rs595
Fish Steak – Rs595
Capper Olives Steak – Rs595

Spinach Pizza
Spinach mushroom, cheese spicy herbs
from Rs205
Italian Oven Special Pizza
Smoke veal chicken tikka chunks, onion, capsicum
from Rs245
Margherita Pizza
Classic cheese & tomato
from Rs205
Beef Pizza
Roast beef, onion, capsicum & mushroom
from Rs205
Sausages Pizza
Sausage, onion, capsicum & olives
from Rs205
Vegetarian Pizza
Mushroom, onion, olive & capsicum
from Rs205
Salami Pizza
Salami, onion, capsicum & olives
from Rs205
Chicken Tikka Pizza
Chunks of chicken tikka, onion cheese & capsicum
from Rs205
Fajita Pizza
Chicken, beef mixed with capsicum, onion topped & picantee sauce
from Rs205
Pizza Bolognese
Meat sauce with tomatoes
from Rs205
Chicken Pizza
Chicken onion, capsicum & mushroom
from Rs205
Chicken Fajita Pizza
Chicken onion, mixed with capsicum & onion with picante sauce
from Rs205
Hawaiian Pizza
Salami, onion, capsicum & pineapple
from Rs205
Combination Pizza
Mushroom, onion, olives, capsicum, beef sausages, salami & chicken
from Rs205
Seafood Pizza
Shrimps, fish, olives & onion
from Rs205
7 Layer Pizza
Combination of 7 flavor pizza, chicken, beef, sausages, salami, vegetable, chicken tikka, sweet corn, olives & mushrooms
from Rs205
Beef Tikka Pizza
Beef tikka, mushrooms, cheese, onion & capsicum
from Rs205
Seekh Kabab Pizza
Onion, capsicum, beef kabab, cheese and BBQ sauce
from Rs205
Chicken Tandoori Pizza
Chicken tandoor, onion, mushrooms & olives
from Rs205
Four Season
Pizza with a slice each of beef, chicken sausages & vegetables
from Rs205
Country Feast
Sweet corn, mushroom, capsicum & onion
from Rs205
All Topping Pizza
Mushroom, onion, olives, capsicum, beef sausages, salami & chicken
from Rs205

Soft Drink – Rs95

italian oven grilled seafood
italian oven grilled seafood
Detailed review on the wonderful "Italian Oven" F-10|Islamabad

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