Detailed review on the fantastic "Diva Restaurant" |phase-7, Bahria Town|Islamabad

Diva restaurant is located in Bahria Town Phase-7, the restaurant opens from 1:00 PM to 12:00AM. Read complete review on Review Monkey 

Monday afternoon, i was comming back from my Aunt’s home in Bahria Town and i saw this place and thought may be i should stop for lunch at this place because it looked really nice from the outside

I knew that the place existed in Jinnah Park, Airport Road |Rawalpindi but, I didn’t know that they have opened another chain in Bahria Town Phase-7.

I did go inside the Diva Restaurant. The ambiance was amazing. Cleanliness and everything else was so good. The place smelled really nice as if someone had sprayed a desi dish smelling air freshener. hah! I couldn’t wait to place my order because of that tempting smell

looking at the menu I found so many mouth-watering items but I decided to order “chicken malai boti” and “chicken shashlik  and vegetables” from the menu.

The wait for these two dishes was 56 minutes and i was hungry and impatient enough to get mad at that.

Anyway, the smell of my food was ah-mazing and all my anger vanished away. I couldn’t wait to taste this pure and true desi smelling food i just ordered.

First bite and as expected! It was delicious! I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the quality and taste. everything was just perfect and with rightly balanced spices.

I really enjoyed my lunch at this place and recommend you to visit it with your family or friends who love to eat desi food. they have a simple menu but i am impressed by the quality and taste of their food and I want you to try it out, too.

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Detailed review on the fantastic "Diva Restaurant" |phase-7, Bahria Town|Islamabad
Diva Restaurant – Dine in

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