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Kartarpura lounge is a restaurant located in Phase-8 Bahria town Rawalpindi. The restaurant opens stays open from 6:00 PM to 3:30AM in Ramadan and serves variety of desi dishes in Iftar and Seher buffet. Read what Review Monkey team has to say about it at Reviewmonkey

Before we move on to our experience at Kartarpura lounge, let us tell you something about its background. Kartarpura lounge is based on the idea of Kartarpura, a food market in Rawalpindi downtown, famous for its desi cuisine. Since, Kartarpura is a bit crowded and narrow food market, so it is not accessible to many due to lack of appropriate parking and seating for families.

Therefore, Kartarpura lounge decided to bring its taste along with hygiene and quality not to mention the comfy seating and a easy parking for families living in bahria and nearby to experience the same taste with their families.

After Mumtaz Kadah, Kartarpura lounge was our next sehri destination. We had planned to go to Karparpura for seher after we were done with the Isha prayer. Time passed quickly and this time we decided to be on time so we left early and arrived there at around 1: 00 AM.

The place has an adequate parking and we parked our vehicle with ease. The restaurant has a very unique outlook having a glowing font that says the restaurant’s name on the main wall in Urdu, very finely carved wooden grills and two antique hanging lights. Something about it reminded me of “Tales of Arabian Nights”. That golden glow and detailing on the wood felt super luxurious but, antique and royal at the same time.

Moving on to the interior and ambiance, beautiful! The feeling got richer as we walked in. Beautiful ceiling with a lot of small hanging lights. Walls were somewhat wooden and golden lightning made them glow and created a perfect environment overall. The restaurant has comfortable chair and sofa seating with the same floral print and we couldn’t get over how beautiful it looked overall.

As we entered, the manager himself greeted us very nicely and sat down for a while just to observe the surrounding. We then got up and started our first round and filled our platter with some Salad, omelette and puri.

We guessed that the food is definitely going to be rich in taste and excellent in quality and we confirmed it after our first round which was basic and simple.

Second round we decided to fill our platter with a bit of everything that included, nehari, mutton paye , chicken tawa keema, lahori channay, paaye, aloo ki bhujiya, boiled rice, halwa, taftan and simple naan. We made sure we did not miss any and we wanted to have a taste of everything for our readers and viewers.

I personally, really liked their chicken tawa keema and paaye but our team members liked other items like nehari, halwa and taftan, too. I had no complaint with the food. Everything was on point in terms of taste and quality at very reasonable rates. We paid like, 750 per head for seher buffet and we all agree that every single dime spent, was worth it.


We recommend this place for families and kids whether you go for seher or iftar or even on regular days. The place is beautiful and serves excellent quality food.

Check out their Facebook page for more details

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