Detailed review on the mesmerizing "HOWDY" | F-7 Islamabad

Howdy is a themed burger joint located in F_7 Islamabad. Howdy has this cool live cooking concept for you to dine in. Read the full review of the place at Review Monkey

The restaurant has a wonderful exterior , the red glowing building that kind of looks like a horse stable for royal stallions. Not only the exterior but the interior too is mesmerizing. Cowboys serving you and cooking live for you so that you can watch your meal prepare.

It is one of those places is one those places I have been visiting for a long time now and I had no complaints about the place until one day they served an uncooked chicken.

Monday, 4:00 PM I decided to eat from the place and I ordered a burger “Rango Tango” and nuggets. They served my order in almost in almost 40 minutes and I was shook to see that there were only 3 nuggets instead of 6. Most annoying thing was , they were uncooked. the burger patty was stinky and tasteless. I tried to make a complaint but they did not take my order back or paid me a penny back instead they told me to wait for a few minutes and gave me some more nuggets which again were uncooked.

I made a complaint again and they still did not pay me my cash back. They still told me to wait for a few more minutes and gave me some more nuggets in another 20 minutes for takeaway.

I was so disappointed but still did not judge the place by that one bad experience among so many good experiences. I decided to visit the place again and I did not see any improvement in their food. the chicken they served was still uncooked even though I told them that last time they served me an uncooked chicken.

I did not visit the place since then but, if you did, do not forget to share your experience with us in the review section to let us and everyone else know better about the place.

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Detailed review on the mesmerizing "HOWDY" | F-7 Islamabad
Howdy review islamabad
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