Detailed and unbiased review on "OX and Grill" |Saddar, Rawalpindi|1

Ox and Grill is an American restaurant located in Saddar Rawalpindi. The restaurant offers various kinds of steak , burgers and other dishes too. It serves from 12:00 PM till 12:00 AM. Read the full review at Review Monkey.

Alright, so this is basically my favorite spot for proper food. There is no bias here because it’s just THAT good. After a long, tiring and rainy drive all the way from Lahore to back home here in Pindi, I didn’t even have to think twice about where I wanted to go to relax and refuel.

We go there so much that even the management knows us by now and we’re basically regulars. And I love it. First off, they serve complimentary Garlic Bread to get the customers into the zone. While you go all out on the appetizer, they take your order and start to prepare the food. And it comes right after you’re done with the bread.

That’s where the real deal starts. My personal favorite and the go to dish is the Chicken Parmesan. I don’t think I would have my Chicken Parmesan any other way because I’ve tried it from different places and I keep coming back to this one. The rest of the people with me ordered Louisiana Chicken, Ox & Grill Special Steak and Chicken Crunch Burger.

Every single one of these entrees had something different and fresh to deliver. The flavors aside, the portions alone make them extremely appetizing to the eyes. And the stomach. You get full even before taking a bite, no exaggeration.

We always have to get the food packed halfway through because that’s how fulfilling it is. Plus, you get food to munch on late at night. I mean, that’s a deal maker right there. Special shoutout to the management for bringing us Pasta with the Steak even though it’s not a legit side on the menu.

Entering the place, you see all these Western pictures that give an actual feel and go hand in hand with the name of the place. It’s perfect in every way. If anyone wants to be satisfied with their food to the fullest, then i’d strongly recommend this place.

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ox and grill
Detailed and unbiased review on "OX and Grill" |Saddar, Rawalpindi|1
Detailed and unbiased review on "OX and Grill" |Saddar, Rawalpindi|1
Detailed and unbiased review on "OX and Grill" |Saddar, Rawalpindi|1

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