Cake (2018 film) Review

Cake is a Pakistani film released in 2018, falling into the comedy and drama genres. It is directed by Asim Abbasi and stars Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh. It also marks the film debut for Adnan Malik. Read the complete review at Review Monkey.

I think at this point, it is safe to believe in our local film industry again. You can’t blame the audience for being a little skeptical when it comes to Pakistani movies but among many dark clouds, there are a few silver linings. And Cake is very easily one of them.

Cake is a film that mainly revolves around just one family. It deals with the love between the members, it deals with everyone’s individual problems that add up to become bigger ones and it deals with loss and death. Keeping in mind, this review may contain spoilers for the movie because we can’t really talk about a film without talking about its key plot points so if you haven’t watched Cake, now is the time to stop reading.

The moment this movie starts, from the very first series of shots, you get a sense of how this movie will look like at least, aesthetically. It very quickly differentiates itself from all the other Pakistani films we have seen till now and definitely has a more artistic feel to it, ambiance wise.

The film doesn’t waste any time to introduce us to its characters, it makes us feel like this family we are watching is just another normal family with normal family problems and dynamics.

Aamina Sheikh and Sanam Saeed play Zareen and Zara respectively, two sisters who have obviously led very different lives, even if they came from the same family. Both the characters, along with all the supporting cast, act so naturally and believably that it really isn’t very hard to feel invested in these people and connected to them and their problems.

Speaking of the cast and great acting, we just have to mention the standout character from this whole thing that is the character of Amma, played so greatly by Beo Raana Zafar. A foul mouthed, old lady who has a good heart at her core, her whole dynamic with her husband (played by Syed Mohammad Ahmed) is just so heartwarming, even if she keeps on swearing at him but deep down, we can feel the realistic love between the two of them. She provides much of the humor in the first half of the film and I honestly found myself smiling at every single one of her dialogues. And that is just one of the best things about the film, how the humor is so easily incorporated into it that it all feels way too natural and it just makes it all the more relatable

As the film progresses, you find yourself very surprised with the direction it takes, that is from a very humorous to a very sad and intense feel.

It honestly offers a very satisfying twist that one just doesn’t expect but all of it never feels forced or feels like it is just for shock value.

It feels authentic. That is how I would describe this whole movie. This whole experience. Cake is a very authentic film. From the direction to the ambiance to the aesthetics to the soundtrack (that very beautifully features Allan Faqeer’s Sindhi anthem Tiri Pawanda) to the acting to the twists to the whole family in it, it is all extremely natural and believable and immersive. Cake proves that you don’t need to have cliched fights or action set pieces or lame, double meaning comedy to make a good film. You don’t need to serve the masses just all the others try to do all the time. You just need to respect your viewers and bake them something so beautiful and delicious, that just one bite leaves them fully satisfied.

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Cake (2018 film)
Cake (2018 film) Review
Cake (2018 film) Review

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Cake (2018 film) Review
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