Cafe paprika

Café Paprika is a famous Italian restaurant located in F-10 Markaz, Islamabad. Paprika is an Italian word that means “red pepper powder” and to match with the name they offer you special paprika dishes . Café paprika is a fine place to dine-in whether with friends or family and offers you a large variety of food on their menu to satisfy everyone’s need.

If you are looking for some good Italian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican cuisine, Sea Food or Pizzas, café paprika is the place where you can get exactly what you need. My personal favorite is from their Mexican cuisine “Sicilian Chicken” (chicken pieces spread all over the pasta base and seasoned with Sicilian sauce and vegetables), and I love their seafood specially “Fish parmesan”. If you’re a pizza lover try out their “paprika special chicken supreme” or “Italiano hot and spicy beef”. They do serve some good smoothies and margaritas too but I would not recommend their soups (except the paprika special soup) and shakes. The staff is good and well mannered, great ambiance, good interior and exterior, neat and clean place to dine-in and enjoy your meal, good location, affordable prices and sober gentry. Although, many people complain about the manager not listening to their complaints I, personally have not had any experience like that so far so this place is a hands down yes from me.

Café Paprika Specials

Café Paprika offers a variety of food in their menu that you may feel bewildered deciding what to order. Here are some of the special items from their menu to help you serve yourself with the best.

1: Paprika special soup

2: polo Romano

3: Sicilian chicken

4: fish Parmesan

5: gai gra pow

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Cafe paprika

Restaurant Name: Café paprika

Restaurant Description: Café paprika is a café / restaurant located in F-10 Markaz Islamabad that offers Italian, Chinese and Mexican cuisine also seafood, fast food and a variety of pizzas.

Price range: $10 - $30

Address: Butt Plaza, Next to Standard Chartered Bank, F-10 Markaz. 44000 Islamabad, Pakistan

Cuisine: Italian, Chinese, Thai , Mexican, Sea Food

Telephone: (051) 2110606

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Café Paprika Islamabad Review

paprika is a café/restaurant located in F-10 Markaz Islamabad that offers Italian, Chinese, Thai and Mexican cuisine also seafood, fast food and a variety of pizzas.

Here is a glimpse of café paprika. (Reviewed By Review Monkey)


Café Paprika Islamabad Review
Cafe paprika night view



Café Paprika Islamabad Review
Cafe paprika day time view


Café Paprika
Cafe Paprika interior


Café Paprika
Cafe Paprika on the inside


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Cafe Paprika

Food was okay but priced on higher side
Food, Dine In, Ambiance all are perfectly synchronized here

Review Edited, Nov 2020, 5 stars to 2 stars

This restaurant was known for it's great taste with very very well balanced spices! About year ago, management changed and their signature pizza (Paprika Supreme Special), turned into Paprika Akheer Mirchila Pizza. It's nothing but purely Dara Mirch and Full of spice pizza. It used to be light weight, with sweet corns and mushrooms but now, they've really messed up

Same go for other items, just eat anything and it'll leave lips burning. New management is very poor and have truly destroyed this place's taste.
Cafe Paprika used to be much better, but now the taste of the food has dropped, the ambience of the environment can be improved as well.
Favorite place for Italian and Maxican cuisine.. Good Taste with reasonable price... it's Steak is my favorite one .... They have very Cozy environment inside but due to pandemic arrange outside sitting.
Awesomeness in food, but I guess their staff has been changed

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