Bunburry Club Islamabad

BunBurry Club Islamabad, is a small coffee shop located in F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad. It is a good and neat place to eat and dine in for 2 to 3 persons but, take away is recommended if you’re with a larger group of people.

I usually go into the shop for a quick coffee or their most popular item, nitrogen Ice-cream. (A delicious ice-cream covered with nitrogen clouds) but, one day I decided to try out their food and tea, they serve 20 different types of tea and to be honest I really liked the fish steak that I ordered and for tea I had cinnamon tea and I was really impressed by how genuine its essence was. However, the place is really congested with uncomfortable chairs but I really like the idea of the main wall that has a grassy texture and wooden frames with nice quotations about tea leaving you with Alice in wonderland vibes.

Although, this place is a bit costly but their style of serving is really fun and hip. People are friendly – including other customers. Staff behind the bar are OK, but lacking a bit of empathy. I’ve been here a few times and every time they seemed to be tired and doing me the favor to help – not rude, just not happy to be there. But I still like this place, if you have any complaints or problems, talk to the manager directly, He is kind and generous. I recommend visiting this place with friends or family (if it’s not too big). Do not miss out the chance to get served in their skull designed mugs or an ice cream coming straight from heaven.

BunBurry Club Islamabad (Specials):

Once again, you must try the following items when you visit BunBurry Club Islamabad

  • cinnamon tea
  • nitrogen Ice-cream
  • Foggy Jamun
  • fish steak

A few more images from the BunBurry Club’s menu to tickle your taste buds

BunBurry Club Islamabad - Nitrogen Ice cream- Review Monkey
BunBurry Club Islamabad – Nitrogen Ice cream- Review Monkey

BunBurry Club Review
Bunburry Club Islamabad

Restaurant Name: BunBurry Club

Restaurant Description: BunBurry Club is basically a small coffee shop located in Islamabad, Pakistan that also serves you with food and desserts.

Price range: 30

Address: F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad

Cuisine: Coffee Shop

Telephone: (051) 8437135

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Bunberry Club Islamabad Review

BunBurry Club is basically a small coffee shop located in Islamabad, Pakistan that also serves you with food and desserts.


Good food and service


Small and congested place with uncomfortable seats.

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Check complete  Menu offered by Bunburry Club Islamabad below

Bunburry Special Cheesy Onion Rings

Ultra-crunchy onion rings engraved with mozzarella combine to make a perfect snack served with honey mustard sauce


Korean Sticky Wings


Korean fried wings smothered in a sticky, sweet & honey glazed sauce


BBQ WingsGame day or any day, BBQ wings are always a winner, our super easy, tangy chicken wings served with BBQ sauce


Bunberry Special Caesar Salad

Start your meal with bunberry club’s ceasar salad, with all of the classic ingredients, crisp romaine, creamy caesar dressing, croutons & parmesan


Greek Salad

Traditional greek salad as served on the greek islands & villages, a few quality vegetables like tomatoes & cucumbers, olive oil, olives & creamy feta


Russian Salad

A popular russian entree made with diced vegetables, fruits and mayonnaise dressing


Chicken Pineapple Salad

Tender chicken tossed with pineapple, nuts and veggies make it delicious when topped with a mild curry dressing


Snacks & Parathas
Bunberry Special Aaloo PakoraChicken Pakora
Chicken Jalapeno SamosaChicken And Cheese Samosa

Aaloo Samosa

Aaloo Paratha

Vegetable Paratha

Chicken Cheese Paratha

Nutella Paratha

Sulemani Paratha

Bunberry Special Basket

French Fries Basket

Curly Fries Baskets

Potato Wedges Basket


Fast Food

Bunberry Special Pan Seared Sandwich

Chef special sandwich engraved with chicken chunks, pimento, slice cheese & chili garlic served with fries

Club Sandwich

This layered sandwich in an all American summertime special, layers of sliced bread, cooked poultry, fried egg, sliced cheese, lettuce tomato and mayonnaise served with crispy fries

Mushroom Sandwich

Mushroom are a power house of nutrition with the added benefits of being low calories and fat free plant food, mushrooms, grilled chicken & cheese slice tossed with thousand dressing served with fries

Fillet Steak Sandwich

Chicken steak slices, cheese slices, onions and iceberg trapped in focaccia bun served with fries

Cold Sandwich

Yummy bread, as a vehicle to hold filing that ranges from sandwich to mayonnaise to boiled chicken and more

Hot Dog Sandwich

Soft bun shaped specifically to contain a hot dog

Bunberry Special Burger

Magic patty made by our chef with egg top served with fries to serve you same typical in non-typically

Jalapeno Burger


Smashed to lock in flavor on a toasted brioche bun, served with mayo dip, lettuce & fries

American Burger

Beef patty seared in pickles and onions topped with american cheese and our delicious signature sauce


Double Decker Burger

Add up some height to the standards of burger with our double decker burger, double chicken patty carefully placed by our chefs in layers of sauces to give it real standard






Bunberry Special Penne Arabiata

Tender penne prepared in a spicy marinara sauce with fresh ground salsiccia pancetta(grilled chicken), mushrooms, sprinkling of shallots and topped with parmesan cheese

Fettuccine Alfredo

The key to rich and creamy alfredo sauce is its freshness, our chefs make it in house throughout the day with parmesan cheese, heavy cream and garlic

Spicy Fettuccine

Wake up your taste buds with tender bites of cajun spiced chicken in our famous garlic parmesan cream sauce and toasted with bell pepper


Smoked Chicken Pasta

Smoked chicken, button mushrooms & smoked peppers tossed in our creamy garlic parmesan sauce with penne pasta



Bunberry Special Hell’s Fire SteakThe ultimate primal grilling steaks charred directly on the embers and topped with an incendiary sauce of jalapenos, mushrooms, capsicum and black olives

Mushroom Steak

Looking for a steak that taste like its from a 4 -star steakhouse with spicy re marinated sauce, jalapenos and mushroom so that’s exactly what you are looking for


Pepper SteakA fusion of chinese – american dish which is made of sliced steak and onions
Caper SteakWhen you eat steak, do you like it with special sauce? its great to serve with creamy white sauce mixed up with mouthwatering caper sauce

Jalapeno Steak

This slow cooker recipe is perfect for dinner tonight, yellow sauce when mixed up with caper sauce and chopped jalapenos with a splash of orange juices makes it perfect like never before


Sea Food

Pan Seared Salmon Fish Steak

Rich in omega 3s and protein, salmon fillets are a healthy option for quick and flavorful weeknight meals pan grilled fish served with creamy saffron sauce
Fish Steak

This supreme steak got what a real steak deserves, grilled fish with yellow sauce, jalapeno and orange juice


Bermuda Fish Steak

Searched from the Bermuda triangles like no one else searched it, grilled fish with cheddar cheese top and red spicy sauce


Aberdeen Fish Steak

From Aberdeen fish market to your plate, pan grilled fish tossed with jalapeno and caper ginger sauce to remind you of Aberdeen’s signature fish



Strawberry CrepeVolcano Exploded Cake
Nutella CrepeBanana Crepe
Balls Top Ferrero CakeTwist, Lick, Dip Pastry
Carrot CakeBanofire Crumble
Devil’s Velvet CakeBalls Top Ferrero Cake


Cold Beverages
Double Chocolate ShakeBounty Chocolate Shake
Oreo ShakeMango Shake
Strawberry ShakeStrawberry Refresher
Blueberry SmoothieMango Moulay Smoothie
Raspberry HavenBanana Smoothie
Fresh Mint ChillerLemon Chiller
Kiwi ChillerStrawberry Chiller
Orange ChillerIced Cappuccino
Classic Cold CoffeeIced Hazenut Latte
Iced Caramel LatteIced Cookies & Cream
Double Mocha


Hot Beverages
Bunberry Special Hot ChocolateClassic Cappuccino
Cafe MochaClassic Latte
EspressoLatte Moccaccino
Hazelnut LatteCaramel Latte
Vanilla LatteIrish Latte
Toffee Nut LatteCinnamon Latte
Bunberry Special Zafrani TeaVanilla Tea
Cinnamon TeaGaram Masala Tea
Ginger TeaGreen Chili Tea
Aniseed TeaClove Tea
Cardamom TeaMint Tea
Choco TeaTulsi Tea
Salted TeaBlack Pepper Tea
Gurr TeaRose Tea
Black Mint TeaDoodh Patti
Lemon Grass TeaGreen Tea
Honey Green Tea



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